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We are an Omaha lawn care company with a passion for making your property look its best year-round.

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Weekly & One-Time Lawn Care Services for Omaha REsidents

We are a trusted lawn care company in Omaha, Nebraska, dedicated to providing the best lawn services tailored to fit your property’s needs. With our range of both weekly and one-time services, we ensure your property stays healthy and beautiful all year round.

Lawn Care Services

Our Service Options

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Weekly Services

Weekly services for lawn mowing, weeding, edging, trimming, and more.

Red machine aerating a lawn in Omaha, Nebraska.

One-Time Services

One-time services such as lawn aeration, fertilization, overseeding, bush trimming, power raking, and more.

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Why Choose Shady Grove for your lawn care?

Our eco-friendly, tailored lawn solutions not only enhance the beauty and health of your lawn but also provide you with peace of mind. With Shady Grove Lawn Care, experience the convenience of professional care and enjoy a lush, vibrant outdoor area that elevates your home’s appeal and your quality of life.

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Common Questions

Find common answers to questions about our lawn care services. Have your own question? Contact our team today!

Our goal is to maintain your regular mowing schedule, even during rainy weather. However, excessive rain can lead to rescheduling to the next available day. We’ll keep you updated via email or text about any changes to your mowing schedule. For holidays, we will provide a revised schedule a week before via email.

We schedule lawn mowing from Monday to Thursday. Your specific day will be assigned and consistently adhered to each week unless weather dictates otherwise. We avoid mowing on Fridays, reserving them for other landscaping services and as makeup days in case of inclement weather earlier in the week. Please ensure your lawn isn’t watered on the day of mowing and all debris is removed from your lawn on your assigned day.

It is strongly believed that every lawn in the Omaha metro area should be mowed at least once a week. There are times when the grass can grow very quickly and other times when it will grow slowly; this variation depends on the amount of water and fertilizer the lawn receives.

Unfortunately, we are unlikely to accommodate day switches. Your assigned day is determined by your address, as our routes are designed to minimize driving time between customers. This efficiency allows us to serve as many customers as possible each day.

We strongly discourage skipping service because we do our best to fill our schedule up in a way to service all of customers. We do not want to overbook our schedule so we can focus on your lawn and not be rushed to get to the next lawn.

This allows us to give you get the best quality service possible. Once all the spots are taken, we will turn some customers away. Skipping service takes away from other customers that wanted our service.

Also, with weekly mowing, you receive unlimited cuts per visit at the time of the visit to ensure the grass is maintained at 3″ – 4″, regardless of its initial length starting on the 2nd week of weekly service. This approach helps keep the grass clippings short.

When you skip a service, you forfeit this benefit for the next service and will be required to pay an additional fee based on the number of cuts needed to achieve the 3″ – 4″ length.

Our mowing services begin at $45 per week. The final cost depends on factors like your property’s size, the required amount of trimming and edging, and any obstacles present.

Larger lawns take more time to mow, and specific features like corner lots or steep hills require additional attention. We also consider landscaping elements that need careful navigation.

Please contact our team and we can provide a pricing estimate.

We do not offer Bi-weekly mowing until late Autumn when the grass growth drastically slows down. If you are current customer you will have the option to switch to Bi-weekly mowing starting in October by request only. All customers will be switched to Bi-weekly starting in November automatically until the grass no longer grows. In 2023, we were mowing right to Thanksgiving, but every year will be different and based on weather.

Our policy is to avoid mowing over anything other than grass. Objects like dog toys can be hazardous if hit by the mower blades, potentially causing damage or injury. This precaution extends to protecting your property and our equipment. The removal of these items from your lawn before mowing takes extra time.

We charge $1 for each item removed, $2 for rolling up garden hoses, and large or heavy items will be charged according to the time and effort it takes. While we won’t charge for the first instance, we will inform you of any items removed and expect the lawn to be clear in subsequent weeks. Charges will apply from then on.

Most of our products are safe for both children and pets; however, there are a few chemicals that are not. We will ALWAYS inform you before and after the application of those chemicals.

No, as long as your gates are unlocked, sprinklers are off, pets are inside, and the yard is cleared of debris.

If the gate is locked at the time of service, then we will only mow the accessible areas for the full charge. We would be more than happy to return to your property to finish the locked-up areas at a later that same day for free the first time this occurs. After that, there will be an additional fee for the extra time it took to come back to your property.

Shady Grove Lawn Care provides weekly and one-time lawn care services in and around Omaha, Nebraska focusing weekly services in the Millard, Gretna, La Vista, and Ralston areas. Basically, if your Zip Code borders Harrison Street, we service your area. We serve a slightly wider area for all one time services. If you have questions about whether or not your address falls within our service area, please contact our team.

Monday – Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM. Mowing is scheduled from Monday through Thursday, with Friday reserved as a makeup day for inclement weather and for other landscaping tasks. If really needed, we will work on Saturdays as well, but we avoid this as much as possible.