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One-Time Lawn Services

One-time Services

Lawn Aeration, Overseeding, Power Raking, and More!

In Omaha, Nebraska, our specialized one-time lawn care services—including aeration, overseeding, and mulch application—are tailored to rejuvenate and enhance your lawn.

Each service is designed to meet your specific needs, from improving soil structure to promoting a thick, resilient turf and beautifying your landscape. Let us transform your outdoor space into a vibrant, lush haven with our expert care.


Aeration involves extracting small plugs of turf and soil to be reabsorbed, enhancing oxygen and water penetration and reducing soil compaction for a healthier root system. For optimal results, overseeding and power raking are also recommended.

Overseeding/Slit Seeding

Overseeding/Slit Seeding involves adding additional grass seed to your existing lawn by cutting slits or groves into your turf and seeding into those slits. This creates greater soil contact for the seeds and better germination rates, This helps fill in bare spots, areas damaged by insects, or thin areas. We use a grass seed blend designed specifically for lawns in Nebraska. The seed that we use also comes coated in a corn meal like material to help retain moisture for early stages of germination for the best possible results.

Power Raking

Grass blades, the leaves of the grass plant, naturally die and are replaced over time. Dead blades accumulate on the soil, necessitating power raking to remove them and encourage a thicker, lush lawn by promoting grass spread. In Nebraska, this is best done in early spring and late fall, avoiding periods of active weed pollination from late spring to early fall.


There are four colors of mulch you can choose from to refresh your existing flower beds and landscaping: Natural, Brown, Black, and Red. The price of $450 includes coverage of 500 square feet, pickup, delivery, and installation! We can also add a weed preventer to the mulch and thoroughly mix it into your new mulch to help stop unwanted weeds growing in your flower beds for only $50 extra!

Extra delivery charges may apply if you are outside our delivery area, please contact us for more information.

Bush Trimming

Bush trimming is the removal of unwanted growth from any bush or small tree within 8 feet of the ground.

Fertilization, weed killer, and insect programs

Our 5-step fertilizer program enhances your lawn's health and beauty throughout the year.

  1. It begins with a pre-emergent treatment that creates a vapor barrier lasting 16 weeks to prevent weed germination.
  2. The second step, spring fertilizer, ensures your lawn receives essential nutrients during the summer.
  3. The third step, grub control, offers protection against grubs all summer long.
  4. The late summer fertilizer, our fourth step, aids in recovering from summer stress.
  5. Finally, the fall fertilizer prepares your lawn for winter by promoting carbohydrate storage, essential for the next Spring. Additionally, alongside our weekly lawn mowing service, we provide weed spraying for a nominal fee based on lawn size, ensuring your lawn remains pristine.

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